Women happy in red, happily married

Keep the flame of love alight

What is the secret to be happily married? Keep the flame of love alight! Never take for granted love and affection. Otherwise, it would be the best way to disappoint the loved one.

You know your man loves looking at you in that wonderful red dress. So, make him happy and you will by the way indulge yourself. Red is the color of passion.

Alicia keys en famille robe rouge

Alicia Keys in family

victoria beckham robe rouge

Victoria Beckham and her husband

angelina jolie robe rouge avec Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie and her beloved Brad Pitt

halle berry robe rouge

Halle Berry

jada smith will robe rouge

Will Smith with his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith

will smith costume rouge

Will Smith in family

Men too can look very good in red, as Will Smith shows us in his beautiful red jacket surrounded by his family.

Please yourself

When you let yourself go, it’s usually when your’re not happy. In moments of doubts, remember to please yourself and get dolled. You’ll see, life will be beautiful again.

Depressive celebrity  –>  Celebrity happy in red

jennifer garner depressive

Depressive Jennifer Garner

jennifer garner robe rouge

Jennifer Garner happy in red

vanessa paradis en déprime

Depressive Vanessa Paradis

vanessa paradis

Vanessa Paradis happy in red

Britney spears

Depressive Britney Spears

britney spears robe rouge

Britney Spears happy in red

Be happy, you deserve it!

Joy, happiness, well-being and satisfaction!

angelina jolie éclat de rire

Burst of laughter : Angelina Jolie

oprah winfrey éclat de rire

Giggles : wonderful Oprah Winfrey

angelina jolie éclat de rire

Be happy in red, because you deserve it!

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