The red dress appeal

Men are dazzled by a woman who look great in red!

Red color has a huge emotional impact on men. If you show them two women of equivalent beauties, they’ll prefer the one with the red dress. Haven’t you ever noticed it?

study has been leaded on 96 men by showing them photos of women dressed in different colors. The same woman, in the same position, was judged more attractive when wearing red clothes.

Then, the scientists asked the men how much money they intended to spend in order to ensure these women a romantic diner. The result : it’s for the women in red they were more likely to volunteer cash!

Now, you know what to wear for a romantic dinner : a red dress of course! For sure, you will be the apple of his eye.

Red and seduction games

Red is perfectly appropriate in a seduction game. By the way, in movies and series, actresses don’t forget to use this  attested and verified tool.

margarett quigley robe rouge

Margaret Quigley

michelle rodriguez robe rouge

Michelle Rodriguez

cameron diaz robe rouge

Cameron Diaz

Margaret Quigley in Mission impossible III  /Michelle Rodriguez in Fast and furious 7 /Cameron Diaz in The Other woman people

Haven’t you ever noticed the glamour effect of your little red dress on your beloved ?

Red highlights a woman beauty

It’s also visible during beauty contests. If the jury hesitate between two contesters, wearing a red dress can tip the balance.

But, quite simply, red color highlights a woman beauty. Isn’t she wonderful, Flora Coquerel ?

flora coquerel robe rouge

flora coquerel miss france  couronne flora coquerel robe rouge  flora coquerel robe rouge

The gorgeous Flora Coquerel at Miss France 2014 then Miss Univers 2015.

Red color is associated with attractiveness. There is quite a background in animal kingdom to all of this.

As a woman, it is easy to use it to our advantage, why would we take it away?

jennifer lopez robe rouge  jennifer lopez robe rouge

jennifer lopez robe rougeJLO robe rouge

Jennifer Lopez in red dresses

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