Powerful women love red dresses

robe rouge marylin_monroe  robe rouge lady Diana   rihanna robe rouge  barack obama michelle robe rouge

The red dress is popular among most powerful women

The red dress is timeless and the most powerful women well understood it. The red dress never fail to is little glamourous effect with elegance.

At the time of Henri VIII in England, they were restrictions on wearing red according to the sumptuary legislation. Any offender had to pay a tax. You needed to be at least a knight to have this priviledge!

Red tissue was very expensive because red color was difficult to obtain. Nowadays, you can choose a red dress at the same price as a dark dress or a green dress!!  So, I don’t restrict myself , it’s so good to wear a pretty red dress! Furthermore, it’s my favorite color.

Whether it is Marylin Monroe, Lady Diana, Rihanna or Michelle Obama, all these women have perfectly used red color to be sumptuous . Why not you?

Here are more photos if you’re still not convinced 🙂

jackie kennedy allure rouge

Jackie Kennedy

jackie kennedy robe rouge

Jackie Kennedy

lady diana allure rouge

Lady Diana


angela merkel rouge

Angela Merkel

michelle allure rouge

Michelle Obama

michelle obama robe rouge

Michelle Obama

Red color catch everyone’s eye and attention. Then, it’s easier to capture an audience and to deliver a message.

The red dress is a mean of communication

Red color is blazing and convey a victory message. Look, when you wear dress it’s often when you feel good.

Red is a popular color theme for happy events : marriage, party…

Big trends as Coco-Cola or Virgin use the great communication power of red color. Their advertisings have more visibility and bring them more clients.

By wearing a red dress, you deliver the message to be a self-assured woman, a woman who doesn’t let anyone walk over her. Women who wear red are women who know what they want and how to reach their goal.

fierté rouge tyra banks

Tyra Banks

Oprah Winfrey rouge

Oprah Winfrey

oprah winfrey rouge

Oprah Winfrey

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