Romantic atmosphere at home

Learning how to create a romantic atmosphere at home can be very useful. In fact, there is a lot of good reasons to have an intimate dinner for two.

On this matter, Valentine’s day is Sunday, and you probably ask yourself what to do in order to make that evening glamourous and romantic?

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A good restaurant?

If you or your beloved, didn’t make dinner reservations, it’s maybe a little late now. But, nothing ventured, nothing gained! Lucky you of you find a table for two in a restaurant near to your home.

romantic atmosphere

Salon Trocadéro / Eiffel Tower

But, you know what? You can create a romantic atmosphere at home! It’s much more intimate, and less noisy than a restaurant. Personally, I like the candlelight dinner option. You can dress as sexy and glamourous as you want, and choose your own music.

But, you’ll need more preparation.


Create a romantic atmosphere at home

Table decoration

romantic atmosphere at home

Romantic table decoration

Why not a bouquet of red roses on the table. The must : it’s you beloved who offers you the bouquet!

Beautiful red or white napkins, and candles for the subdued light!

You can add or replace elements in function of your imagination or in function of what you already have at home.

A romantic playlist for the evening! If you don’t have a clue, you can use an application called Spotify : it proposes music by atmosphere (sometimes you have adds, but it can help out).

The meal

Of course, you know that a man who is well-nourished is an happy man 😉

I began with dessert, because, it’s what I prefer (yummy!!).

Dessert 😉

You can easily make a panacotta with almond milk (the taste is magic!), vanilla and strawberries. It’s delicious!

At the side of dessert : red macaroons with a vanilla filling.

romantic atmosphere at home

Red macaroon

Romantic touch : you can draw your initials on the macaroons with a food writer.

Of course, your love could be celebrate with Champagne.

Starter and main course

For the starter and the main course, it’s depending on your tasting. Cooking at home allows you to give a particular attention on your sweatheart. .

The starter : cod fish cake.

For the main course, a spice plate could be perfect to raise the temperature 😉

chicken Colombo or a fish court-bouillon.

romantic atmosphere at home

Fish court bouillon

I hope I gave you ideas to create a romantic atmophere at home. I wish you a lovely evening with your beloved!!

See you soon on Allure rouge !

And you, what do you prefer : a restaurant or a candlelight dinner?

Let your comments 🙂

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