Fashion blog Allure rouge

Fashion blog Allure rouge

Who am I ?

fashion blog allure rouge

My name is Coralie Dacami, I am a french blogger from Guadeloupe, french West Indies. I created my fashion blog Allure rouge because since childhood, I have a great passion for red color. I learned how to integrate red color in my dressing room, my vanity case, and daily accessories. For me having a red dress is essential. Every woman should have at least one red dress in her wardrobe! Cut a fine figure in a red dress help me to better appreciate small pleasures of life.

I am the elder sister of three sisters! We had a girly atmosphere at home because, since my parents’ divorce, my mother is a courageous single mom. I have already quit the family nest to continue my path in Paris but I love to recharge there everytime I can.


What does mean “red” for me ?

I do think red color highlights women beauty. An appropriate red dress makes a woman more beautiful and attractive. Red is a warm and comforting color with the meaning in my heart of the sweet word “victory”. My dream is to walk on the red carpet, wearing a sublime red dress and shoes from Louboutin!


What is the aim of my fashion blog Allure rouge?

I want each of my women readors to bring out the glamourous woman withing her. Today, I feel myself ready to share with my readors all my tips ands tricks on fashion and beauty. Because every woman on earth can have elegance in red clothes.

Thus I am working to find that special something fashion and beautif in red to emphasize them. I have a preference for little red dresses!


Who is my intended audience?

If you are a woman who loves feeling wonderful in a red dresse or with red accessories, this fashion blog is for you!

My intended audience with this blog is women between 16 and 34 but no age is required to be well dressed! You can be from every were in the world : West Indies, Paris, India, New-York …! Red dress is inevitable everywhere in the world.

What will you get out of my fashion blog Allure rouge?

I will tell you all my little secrets to look fine in red. Because I want a maximum of happiness in red for you, I will even give you the references of my fashion and beauty articles. So you will e able to personalize your red glamourous touch.

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