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Miss Universe : the 10 most beautiful dresses

Hello girls! Watching Miss France with stars in my eyes, made me want to share with you the 10 most beautiful dresses of Miss Universe. I litterally dream of these dresses. Miss Universe : the 10 most beautiful dresses These are my favorites : The most iconic dress : Worn by Miss Tanzanie 2015, […]

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What is sexy now : Kerry Washington

What is sexy now in 2016 by Victoria’s Secret  Jennifer Lopez succeeds to Rihanna as Forever Sexy What is sexy now in 2016? The famous brand Victoria’s Secret unveiled their annual round-up of all thing sexy. Many categories were distinguished : sexiest actress, sexiest singer, sexiest style risk taker, sexiest […]

Red Obsession : L’Oreal Party

Red Obsession L’Oréal Paris celebrated red color during the 8th march party : Red Obsession. The brand’s muses wore wonderful dresses under the sign of glamourous and red color. A warm red atmosphere prevailed in this beautiful mansion of 16th district. Red color in the spotlignt What is the meaning […]

red dress for Oscars Awards

Red dress for Oscars Awards

After Cesar Awards, Oscars Awards took place at Dolby Theater, Los Angeles. The image of the ceremony has been tarnished by the lack of diversity in the top awards. The question of lack of production of films starring black actors is also asked. The proof of this lack of diversity : video of the […]

red dress for Cesar Awards

Red dress for Cesar Awards

The 41th Cesar Awards took place one week ago. A wonderful opportunity to review the red dresses. Let’s choose our favorite red dress for Cesar Awards. Red dress for Cesar Awards Danish actress of L’Hermine, Sidse Babett Knudsen, won Cesar for Best Actress with a demonstrative joy. Let’s have a […]

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A sexy red dress to be gorgeous!

Find a sexy red dress : not a provocative or a vulgar, tasteless dress! How many times we see on the streets live demonstrations of bad tastes. Sure, you have examples on mind! Sexy red dress : how to choose it? 1. Choose the length of your sexy red dress I am going […]

Cindy Crawford en 1992

Cindy Crawford : her prettiest red dresses 1

Info or intox : the truth about Cindy Crawford ‘s retirement After she made the headlines, Cindy Crawford finally denied retirement rumors with an instagram post. I quote : ” Every year, I tell my kids I’m retiring. It’s a running joke in our family. And yet every year, opportunities pop up that […]

Flora Coquerel sexy

The red dress appeal

Men are dazzled by a woman who look great in red! Red color has a huge emotional impact on men. If you show them two women of equivalent beauties, they’ll prefer the one with the red dress. Haven’t you ever noticed it? A study has been leaded on 96 men by showing […]

Oprah Winfrey red

Powerful women love red dresses

       The red dress is popular among most powerful women The red dress is timeless and the most powerful women well understood it. The red dress never fail to is little glamourous effect with elegance. At the time of Henri VIII in England, they were restrictions on wearing red according to the […]

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Fashion blog Allure rouge

Fashion blog Allure rouge Who am I ? My name is Coralie Dacami, I am a french blogger from Guadeloupe, french West Indies. I created my fashion blog Allure rouge because since childhood, I have a great passion for red color. I learned how to integrate red color in my […]